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Egypte 2015

04 June 2015 by Victor Dupuis Photographer

The man at work


This is the look of a neophyte in the middle of a unique place, a few tombs from the New Kingdom necropolis of Qurna (Luxor) in Upper Egypt. There, men of different backgrounds and cultures work symbiotically to the success of the search, and share the joy of discovery. All this despite the blazing sun and an insidious dust.

On the one hand, indigenous use their expertise and energy in the meticulous search, on the other scientific and conservatives decrypt and restore archaeological sites conceded by the Department of Antiquities of the country.

All together, with respect and listening, it applies to decrypt ground and share knowledge that is enriched at the discretion of each discovery.

Being the witness of this adventure is a chance that I would share with you.



Belgian Archaeological Mission in the Theban necropolis. Free University of Brussels and Liège University (