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A simple man

29 July 2014 by Victor Dupuis Director

Mister Byanyima on is homeland

In production


Date : -

Type : Documentary film.

Format : 1080 24P 16:9


Producer : Olivia & Betty Byanyima et Victor Dupuis


Camera : Canon EOS 5 MK2 & MK3 + 17-35 mm 2.8f + 24-70 mm 2.8f + 70-200 mm 2.8f + Zoom H4n


Meeting with the story through the eyes of a Ugandan almost a century.He witnessed the colonization of the country by the English.Then, enthusiast about knowledge, he became a professor. It is his desire to help others who will push him to enter politics in the opposition camp. It will be recognized for his integrity and incorruptibility.It is his no-desire for power that saves him from the bloodshed that will sweep the country several times.

Almost a century of history in one man, happy among his family and friends, in the middle of his farm and his animals ...

The incredible chronicle of a simple man: Boniface Byanyima.