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Welcome on Victor Dupuis's website,

Director, cinematographer and photographer

From a young age, I have used image as a means of communication. This has allowed me to discover people, to help them to communicate and to share with them. I approach my work with an ever-fresh look. In this world, everyone has to specialize, but it is not easy to find a single activity to realize all these ambitions. For me, three of them are necessary.
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Born in Belgium, Victor Dupuis is a cinematographer who combines technical mastery and emotion. He has exercised his talents by creating the lights and adjusting the frame of many international short films like Hide and Seek (USA), Ekwe (USA) or 1era Tassa Caffe (Mexico).


In France, the films for which he worked were noticed as "L’Amusement, La solitude" presented at the festival of short films in Brest (2002) "Adante-Ma-No-Tropo" Franco-Australian production, who won the special prize for best feature film at the Strasbourg Film Festival (2007) or "Ensembles" that honored his work of a Platinum Remi award for best cinematography for a short film (2013). If he now wants to focus its efforts towards cinema, Victor Dupuis did not neglect photography through which he cultivates the charm of spontaneity and the unexpected, while abandoning any notion of control. As during concerts where he excels in capturing the live energy of rock bands. In a more intimate kind, his series of photos on Parisian life earned him an invitation to the "French London Show" (2010).



victor dupuis réalisateur

In wanting to share my experience and emotions, I find inspiration for my work in fiction and documentary. 

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The challenge of lighting up other people's projects is a pleasure I meet with experience, reliability and enthusiasm.

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Photography is a playground in which I am a witness to reality, free from constraint and judgment, leaving room for true emotion.

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15 Sep 2016
"once it's captured, immediately selected ... :D Aussitôt capturé, aussitôt selectionné... :D "
7 Aug 2016
"Nice After noon shooting a first baby to come... Belle après-midi photographier... "
7 Aug 2016